Cleaning has always been our number one priority, for all of our clients and customers. We take all the anxiety and embarrassment out of cleaning for you. You will confidently be ready for any uninvited relative, friends or guest dropping in unexpectedly; your space can be clean all the time, even with a full nest, including pets. SSR Cleaning Services LLC, pledges to be the best cleaning company on the planet, your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will come out the next session and do it again absolutely FREE!!! ​  
 We are earth friendly, this planet is all we have, therefore preservation of it takes top honors…your space is always a priority because our top ranking, immaculate reputation is always on the line. ​   If you are Married, a Couple, Single, Divorced, Widowed or just existing on this beautiful patch of earth, and have a space to clean, we will extend ourselves to accommodate you or even provide FREE advice at your initial evaluation session.  
  If you or someone you know is a HOARDER  (these are people who has elected to keep everything) we can help you or them to un-clutter any space. We will show you how you can turn many of your items into CA$H, while reclaiming your valuable space

​(347) 605-4950  7 Days A Week 


 Room for Rent apply within: We have been approached on numerous occasions requesting information regarding living accommodations from both Landlords and Tenants alike. Through our screening efforts we have been able to find suitable tenants and equally suitable landlords, we have decided to match these entities in turn has promoted a harmonious living arrangement second to none…call us today for details. ​ 
  Marine Cleaning?  Yacht, boats, marinas, club house, no problem, Call us today…We offer  referrals for the following: Carpet Cleaning Landscaping services Handyman Services Snow removal services ​ Shopping Sprees (by appt. only) Airport (pick-up and drop off services) (By appt. only) ​ Cleaning tips 
  Our employees are the best trained cleaning staff in the industry; our screening process gives us that advantage of providing honesty and decency. We will never compromise your space because of one or more of our employees. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded NY Company